011 Beograd

Survival in the City

A film by Michael Pfeifenberger


in general Feature Film, A I YU 2003
Genre Drama
length 85 Min
Original version Serbo-croatian

A production of Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion and Monte Royal Pictures. 

With financial support of
Austrian Film Institute, Kultur Land Salzburg

Dejan, a friendly but naive 20-year-old, is accustomed to living from hand to mouth. Until one day he decides to make his dream come true and move to Berlin. This almost mythical idea has been nutured by the example of Zjelko, Dejan's best friend, who turned his back on the chaos of Belgrade years ago and emigrated to Germany with his girlfriend, Danja. But in fact Zjielko now is dead, killed in a car accident, and soon Danja returns to her home with her illusions in tatters. Just like Maja, a friend from the lost days of school, Danja does everything to persuade Dejan to change his mind. She points out that he doesn't even have any qualifications. But despite the odds being stacked against him, Dejan is determined and sets about putting his plan into action.

Life in the serbian capital during early summer 2002 is characterised by political chaos and rampant crime, but there is also a certain joy at being alive - and many examples of an absolutely macabre sense of humour.

011 Beograd traces the stories of Dejan, Maja, Danja as they try with the only means at their disposal - the simply strategy of friendship - to overcome the lack of perspective that dominates their world. In a city where pragmatism rules, they finally resolve to search together for some place where their hopes and dreams can florish.



mihailo ladjevac Dejan
vanja ejdus Maja
ana stefanovic Danja
radivoje bukvic Zeljko
boris komnic Pero



directed by Michael Pfeifenberger
screenplay by Wolfgang Schmid
dop Christian Giesser
edited by Alexander Frohner
Music Velje Mijanovica
production designer Aleksandar Sivacki
costume design by Christoph Birkner, Ivana Gutesa
make up design by Mira Stevovic
sound & Sounddesigner Ljubisa Spegar
Producers Franz Novotny (Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion), Bojan Maljevic (Monte Royal Pictures)


max ophüls preis 2003, Saarbrücken
Diagonale 2003, Graz
33. lubuskie lato filmowe 2003, Poland
kino am dach 2003, Dresden


14th January 2003, Max Ophüls Preis         

Premiere Austria:
24th September 2003