Alma & Oskar

A Film by Dieter Berner

In spring 1912 recently widowed Alma Mahler, Grande Dame of Viennas Society gets involved with the "Enfant Terrible" of viennas Artscene, Oskar Kokoschak. After some time their Affair, the lust and desire for one another starts threatening both of their existence to the extent of no return.




A Film by Ulrike Kofler

Nine-year-old Gina wants nothing more than a real family but her mother Gitte struggles with the day-to-day life as a single parent of 3 children - and a fourth is on it's way. But Gina doesn't give up and fights for what has been in disarray for generations: family stability, a climb out of the spiral of poverty, neglect, lovelessness and lack of education. 

A female three-generation family portrait from the perspective of a nine-year-old girl who doesn't accept that her fate is predetermined and only depends on where you are born into.




A film by Manuel Johns & Michael Fuith

A newly divorced ranger interrupts his ex-wife`s macabre research on a bodyfarm to warn her of the forest fire. But the ambitious forensic scientist recently made a dangerous discovery on her property. The examined corpses are infested with a parasitic slime mold that reacts aggressively to the heat wave. 




A Film by Pia Hierzegger

As every year, three friends in their late 40s go on a camping holiday to Carinthia together, although one is seriously ill and the other is bankrupt. There they unlawfully get too a lot of money and can finally afford the vacation they have always dreamed of. So off to the Lido in Venice! There they move into the most expensive hotel and eat in the finest restaurants, but when the weather turns bad and a policeman from Carinthia shows up, and we don't know whether he's after the money or one of the women, their peaceful vacation is over .