ACHT - Ein Landkrimi

a film by Marie Kreutzer

A single shot from great distance and a popular doctor lies dead outside his family home. A distraught widow and her quiet son, clinging to their habits. An investigator who is divorced and living out of a suitcase, and a young colleague in the province who is trying to come to terms with a trauma.




A Film by Ulrike Kofler

Nine-year-old Gina wants nothing more than a real family but her mother Gitte struggles with the day-to-day life as a single parent of 3 children - and a fourth is on it's way. But Gina doesn't give up and fights for what has been in disarray for generations: family stability, a climb out of the spiral of poverty, neglect, lovelessness and lack of education. 

A female three-generation family portrait from the perspective of a nine-year-old girl who doesn't accept that her fate is predetermined and only depends on where you are born into.




created by Alexander Lindh & Laurent Mercier

Would a world without prisons work? Thanks to a reintegration program, all prisoners in a selected penitentiary become part of society again. The program seems to work perfectly. Better to heal than to punish. But is society really ready to forgive criminals? Can humanity change?





Written & directed by Pia Hierzegger

Astrid, Elli and Isabella go on a camping trip, as they so often did when they were roommates in their 20s. But not just for Elli, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, nothing is as it was back then. Only when Astrid steals the savings of a man who recently died, the three friends leave their old patterns behind and try to renew their friendship in Italy. 




a film by Eileen Byrne

Since her little brother Tim drowned in the sea in Rimini, Paula's will to live has disappeared. But when she meets elderly Helmut, who wants to drive his ex-wife's urn to Italy, she finally sees a glimmer of hope: driving to Rimini, to the beach where her brother died. Only there will she finally be able to feel close to him again. During the trip, an unexpected friendship develops with Helmut - and a new joy in life flourishes.




A film by Manuel Johns & Michael Fuith

A newly divorced ranger interrupts his ex-wife`s macabre research on a bodyfarm to warn her of the forest fire. But the ambitious forensic scientist recently made a dangerous discovery on her property. The examined corpses are infested with a parasitic slime mold that reacts aggressively to the heat wave.