Alma & Oskar

A Film by Dieter Berner

In spring 1912 recently widowed Alma Mahler, Grande Dame of Viennas Society gets involved with the "Enfant Terrible" of viennas Artscene, Oskar Kokoschak. After some time their Affair, the lust and desire for one another starts threatening both of their existence to the extent of no return.




A Film by Marie Kreutzer

Christmas 1877. Elisabeth, the empress of Austria, famed for her beauty, turns 40 years old. This makes her officially an old woman. What value does she still have, if she no longer lives up to her own likeness? A woman at war with herself. 




A Film by Ulrike Kofler

Nine-year-old Gina wants nothing more then a real family but her mother Gitte struggles with the day-to-day life as a single parent of 3 children - and a forth is on it's way. But Gina doesn't give up and fights for what has been in disaray for generations: family stability, a climb out of the spiral of poverty, neglect, lovelessness and lack of education. 

A female three-generation family portrait from the perspective of a nine-year-old girl who doesn't accept that her fate is predetermined and only depends on where you are born into.



Everything Else Is Primary

A Film by Tobias Dörr

Not the diagonsis, but the misdiagnosis is the biggest problem for Johann Singer: he is healthy - not sick, he will live - not die. A mix-up at the doctors office forces the unsuccessful writer with an aversion for conflicts to face the reality of his own life and he has to take charge of it. The unconventional, fear-free and terminally ill Ira might be able to open his eyes. 




A FIlm by Paul Ploberger


After the sudden death of his grandfather, Johannes a science enthusiastic boy has to move back to his home village whose residents it seems have only three things on their mind: Soccer, Sex and Soccer. His Father takes away all of his beloved books and forces him to work at his carpentry to distract him from the loss of his grandfather. On the whole: For Johannes his life turned into a nightmare - until he meets Simona.