Yu Filmplakat


A film by Franz Novotny


in general Feature Film, A 2002
Genre Drama
length 86 Min
Original version German

A production of Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion. 

With financial support of
Austrian Film Institute, Vienna Film Fund


The experiences and adventures of three “thirty-something” buddies who involuntarily find themselves caught up in civil unrest. At first it is simply a jaunt in their boss ‘Porsche’ which they “borrow” without permission to drive to Triest, however, it becomes an adventure in a land tearing itself apart and riddled with rivalries and pretty crime.

YU is the confrontation of three young Europeans with men from the South-East and the real "machismo".

These "men" from former Yugoslavia show different, outdated characteristics – thus, in conflict situations, they are superior to the half-men shaped by the West. ’Men are men and women are women.‘

Will the three buddies remain softies or will they use the adventures, the tests as opportunities to change their lives – provided they still have one in the end?

What’s the stimulus – and the question?
Tests of courage. Characters pass or fail in unusual situations.
Tests of life. Hope after purification.

Confrontation of two civilisations…
To be able to behave like millionaires, to act as freaky noisy proles. And, when the check arrives, the price that has to be paid for it.




gedeon burkhard Tom
andré eisermann Chris
david scheller Alex
ana maljevic Sonja
vanja ejdus Ante



directed by Franz Novotny
screenplay by F. Fleischhaker, Bernhard Seiter, Franz Novotny
dop Andreas Hutter
edited by Cordula Werner, Harald Aue
Music Franz Bodi, Matterhorn
production designer Nicola Bercek
costume design by Nicole Fischnaller, Jelena Andjelkovic
make up design by Aurie Hummer, Visnja Karaulic
sound Bruno Pisek
Sounddesigner Alexander Koller
Producer Franz Novotny



XXV Moscow international film festival 2003, Moscow
Diagonale 2003, Graz


21st June 2003 at Moscow International Film Festival 

Premiere Austria:
25th March 2003 Diagonale, Graz

CINEMA RELEASE DATE (AT): 12th September 2003



Distribution Austria:


Margaretenstraße 78
1050 Vienna
Tel: +43-1-581 39 00 20

Yu Filmplakat