a film by Julian Pölsler

based on the Books by Herbert Dutzler

Broadcast Servus TV

A production by Film AG Produktions GmbH and Juwel Film Production
in Cooperation with Red Bull Media House

produced with the financial support of
RTR - Fernsehfonds Austria, Cinestyria and Tourismusverband Altausseeerland 

Even Franz Gasperlmaier hasn't seen anything like that before and he has come accross a lot, after all Gasperlmaier has been a police officer in Altaussee (Austria) for 20 years. But finding a man stabbed in the beer tent of the popular Altaussee Fair on the monday morning is too much even for a man like him. And so he makes a wrong decision, not the last one on this day. And the dead man who sits in his own blood in the tent will not be the last one either

Broadcast date: Autumn 2020