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Shooting of the feature film INDIAN SUMMER (written & directed by Pia Hierzegger) is in full swing. It is Pia Hierzegger's debut as a director: as an actress, she has already received numerous awards, most recently the Diagonale Acting Award 2023 for Best Actress. Pia Hierzegger will also be seen in one of the leading roles alongside Ursula Strauss and Diana Amft.

INDIAN SUMMER is being produced by FILM AG in co-production with the Italian EGG Production and will be filmed in Styria, Italy and Vienna until the beginning of November 2023.

Pia Hierzegger: "There are many stories, but they are rarely told. A few years ago, I saw a play called "Disappearance". It was about a woman in her late 40s who disappears from social life and is no longer needed because she has done her job of starting a family and having children. But it could actually only really start now. This woman should not disappear or only appear as a marginal character, as the mother of the protagonists or the mother's best friend. She should be the main character. And because there are so many stories, there are three main characters in "Indian Summer"."

Alexander Glehr & Johanna Scherz: "The fact that Pia Hierzegger is now also devoting herself to film directing after all her previous activities is not an attempt, but is simply logical. Her way of telling stories is special, intelligent and with a love of detail and interpersonal relationships, yet always aimed at an audience. We are delighted to be able to work together with Pia as writer, director and leading actress, but of course also with Uschi Strauss, Diana Amft, the other great actors and actresses and the fantastic Austrian-Italian team on this comedy with depth."

Altweibersommer Drehstartfoto